I provide individual consultations, tracking the root cause of your symptoms.
To understand my client's personality and assess his current state of health: his nutritional system, eating habits, lifestyle and activity level.

Assess your requests, test results and your experience to find underlying causes and triggers of dysfunction.

Create a unique nutritional and lifestyle program to give you better control of your health through diet and lifestyle changes and support sustained long-term health improvement.
Experiencing chronic fatigue, lack of concentration, and lack of energy to get through the day;

Find unexplained symptoms that keep you from feeling great;

Feeling unwell even though your lab tests are normal;

You’ve been told that how you feel is ‘all in your head’;
My approach includes not only diet, but also working with sleep, stress, mindset, physical activity and environmental recommendations, all of which are deeply interlinked and fundamental to your health.
The scientific evidence base is important to me as a pharmacist, and I ensure all my recommendations have a solid foundation in science
There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Each person is a unique individual with their own unique symptoms and unique causes. All of my programs are individually tailored to each client.
You hop on the latest diet, expecting to see fast results, but feel discouraged with your lack of progress;

You’ve been told that digestive problems, fatigue, pain, or loss of mental acuity are just a "normal" part of aging, but you feel they are not;

You have cardiovascular disease, inflammation, skin problems, low energy levels and bad moods;

Want to be healthy but are overwhelmed by the amount of conflicting information and don't know where to start;

Want to have a full, disease-free life and healthy longevity.
A few days before the consultation, you fill out and send me a questionnaire, a food diary and laboratory tests, which I have to study and draw up a Personalized Health Optimization Plan for you, according to your goals.

The consultation takes place in zoom in video format.

During the consultation:

✓ We analyze the food diary, lifestyle and lab tests you sent in.

✓ We analyze where your health and well-being problems come from and find connections between your symptoms and symptoms.

✓ We create a unique protocol and individual recommendations for lifestyle and nutrition.

✓ High quality supplement recommendations (if relevant)
✓ 2-3 hours Comprehensive Initial consultation;
✓ Full email Support for 1 week throughout (answers to questions on the meeting materials).
$ 200
✓ 2-3 hours Initial online consultation;
✓ Support for 4 weeks (Full access to myself during working hours from all communication platforms);
✓ up to 2 hours Follow-up Consultation valid for 3 months after initial one.
Individual guidance for the smooth implementation of a new lifestyle and new eating habits

You will learn and begin to use breathing practices and physical exercises that are right for you.

A complete guide to dietary strategy, explaining your individual eating style, the right foods for you, and your diet regime (without rigid diets and calorie counting).

Custom-tailored health plan included high quality supplement recommendations (if relevant), dosage, dosing schedules, a reference to the drug and alternatives.

A list of extra sources (books, blogs, mobile apps) on topics relevant to you - for independent immersion and in-depth study of the topic. Including blogs with recipes that suit you.

Written recommendations are prepared within 7 working days after the consultation.

GP and private functional testing recommendations (if relevant), with interpretation of results.
During the follow-up consultation:
After the initial consultation, you will be able to ask me follow-up questions about the materials of the meeting by email or social media platforms for 4 weeks.

All this time we will monitor your progress and adapt the program to give you back the health you deserve.

Warning. The consultation includes ongoing follow-up and answering questions only during working hours.
✓ We will review progress and adapt your protocol, and Ensuring you remain on track and are comfortable with the pace

✓ Set goals for the next three months, taking into account the results already achieved.

✓ Discuss further strategies for supplements, nutrition and lifestyle according to the new goals.

✓ We find connections between health and well-being problems root cause, and the laboratory values, symptoms and health history.

✓ Educate you on how to develop and maintain long-term healthy habits.
✓ We will make an action plan to reduce stress (breathing and writing practices, selection of natural remedies, mindfulness practices, yoga and meditation exercises).

✓ We analyze the food diary, lifestyle and laboratory tests that you sent in, assess your condition before you started.

✓ You will receive working techniques for normalizing digestion and sleep, which will help you have healthy reactions to stress, have a stable mood and psyche, enjoy life and enjoy every day.

✓ We will set health goals for the next 2-3 months.
A few days before the consultation, you fill out and send me a questionnaire, a food diary and laboratory tests, which I have to study and draw up a Personalized Health Optimization Plan for you, according to your goals.

A follow up online consultation lasts up to 2 hours, valid for 3 months from the date of the first consultation.

The consultation takes place in zoom in video format.

During the initial consultation:

✓ We will discuss the nutritional principles that are right for you and create a personal balanced diet tailored to your taste preferences (without strict calorie restrictions).

✓ I will offer you a comprehensive scheme of taking nutraceuticals (vitamins, minerals, medicinal herbs), to eliminate vitamin deficiencies and normalize metabolism.